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Handmade Rabbit

 I just couldn't wait to show you what I worked on today! I've been wanting to make some handmade dolls for my kids for... ever. I can't ever find any I like at any of the shops and stores that I frequent, and with 5 kids, I couldn't justify giving a kidney to pay for beautiful playthings for my children.

Problem  - I couldn't find a pattern that I liked.

None of them were charming the way I envisioned it, so of course, I had to draft a pattern myself.

And I plan on sharing the pattern with you soon! I just have to make a few minor adjustments, and then write up the instructions, so it should only take me.... 3, maybe 5 years at the most. ;)

In the meantime, I couldn't wait to show you some pictures. Its probably bad form to show you an unfinished product, but I love these pictures so much! Miss Fancy Nancy stole Ms. Rabbit right out from under me and said she must play with her right away, without a face, or even clothes yet.

Have you made lovely dolls or animals for your children? Do they love them as much as you hoped they would? Oh, I hope so.

Winter Coat Pattern Hack

Leather, Houndstooth, Brushed Brass. Yep, it's a win. This classic silhouette mixed with the beautiful  black and white wool houndstooth makes for a winter coat with style that doesn't quit and the fuchsia satin lining ensures that this Fancy Nancy still feels as girly on the outside as she feels on the inside. With leather shoulder details, a full collar, width adjustments and a slimmer silhouette in the skirt, this pattern took on a different feel which I am definitely loving.

This pattern hack was done using Bella Sunshine Designs Gabriella Winter Coat pattern. I love the design and the details of the pattern, with the princess seams, and stand up collar. It's classic. 

The original pattern is designed to be more roomy, to accommodate winter layers, but since I was making this as a dress coat, I wanted it to be slimmer throughout. So I sized it down and adjusted for length.

There were so many ideas I had with this coat.  Just take a look at this page in my sketch book:

And I very well may try out some of these other ideas in the future. This project has made me fall in love with outerwear!

The leather on the shoulders was my own addition. I wanted to add a little edge to this classic design. I think it makes it a bit more modern.

I also elongated the collar so that it was a full wrapped collar. It doesn't break the line of this beautiful double breasted coat, and also makes it warmer. Here you can see the fuchsia lining peaking out. I was originally going to go with a mustard, (because I think that would be AMAZING) but this girly girl loves pink, so I decided to go with pink. At least I don't have to look at it all the time. Pink is not my color. She loves it all the more for that small touch.

Thanks to Bella Sunshine Designs for such a great pattern. It was so fun to play with. Run over and grab one of her patterns, they are 40% off until February 29th! And be sure to follow along this week and check out all the other pattern hacks from the talented bloggers who have joined this blog tour!

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Easy Peasy Handmade Valentine

Valentines Day is coming up fast, and with 3 kids in school I needed an idea that was thoughtful, fun, and EASY. They each have approximately 25 kids in their class, so that means about 75 valentines.

We are part of a wonderful school community that encourages zero waste, no sugary foods and no licensed characters. I had some red felt left over from our family halloween costumes some years back (we were a family of garden gnomes, SO cute) So I set off to come up with something that would fit with those values.

What we ended up with was this cute little heart necklace that is easy enough for the kids to help with!

And then of course, you have your toddler model it for you in front of the only south facing window, which coincidentally is next to a bed.... perfect for jumping.

I hope that you have an amazing LOVE day, celebrating all the people in your life that you love; family, friends, neighbors, anyone. This day isn't just about lovers, it's about sharing love with everyone around us.

Baby Skater

The Babe was in need of a Sunday dress that fit (she is growing like a weed)

I drafted a quick and easy skater -style dress.... By the way, does anyone know why it is called a Skater Dress? I have no idea. 

Anyway, it fit perfectly, and despite not having my serger for this project (it was being serviced) I was adequately satisfied with the way it turned out.

On a side note, does anyone know why baby dresses are sized to barely cover their diapers? 

I don't know that either.